Faith + Inspiration + Style

Luxury and Bliss Faith Apparel™ was born at the intersection of faith and style. Thanks to our vision and desire to share our love for God, God's word, and inspiration to others through our Luxe and Stylish - Faith and Inspiration Apparel, and we wish for you to have a blissful online shopping experience.

All About Us

Luxury and Bliss Faith Apparel™ was founded by Jameka L. Joiner and was built on one solid foundation.

To inspire others through the gift that God has given her "creativity and an eye for design," and to spread God's word and her love for God through those gifts. 1 Peter 4:10

All designs are custom-made by Jameka and she has been blessed to create over 500 designs which

will gradually be released every month. In addition, all custom designs are printed on high-quality material, printed, and shipped in Southern California, and represented by her daughter Desiree,

(a natural-born model) as the main brand ambassador. 

Luxury and Bliss Faith Apparel™ Is an up-and-coming black-owned business that operates on the core values of putting God first in all that you do including running Luxury and Bliss Faith Apparel™ as a Kingdom business (The principles of God, trusting Him, and operating with excellence.)

We pray that you find joy in your online experience and we thank you in advance for spreading your love for God with us. 

Jameka L. Joiner xoxo





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